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Fertility / Infertility --What Exhibits Erectile Dysfunction To Cause Infertility

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Infertility is defined as inability of a couple to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse. It effects over 5 millions couple alone in the U. S. and many times more in the world. Because of unawareness of treatments, only 10% seeks help from professional specialist. In this article, we will discuss sexual dysfunction causes of infertility.
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I. Definition
Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence, is defined as the repeated or persistent inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse over period of at least 3 months. It is caused by not enough blood flowing in and fill the spaces of the veins and arteries and hormone imbalance as resulting of psychological factors, heart diseases, diabetes, kidney disease, chronic alcoholism, etc. leading to infertility.

II. Causes of erectile dysfunction
1. Diabetes
Diabetes is defined as inability to produce insulin by pancreas or inability of cells to use insulin efficiently. It may cause clot to blood vessel as resulting of high levels of glucose in the bloodstream leading to impotence and retrograde ejaculation in men.

2. Depression
Depression increases the production of certain hormone in the nervous system and the glands leading to hormone imbalance and interfering the normal function of hormone production such as low levels of testosterone and sexual desire leading to erectile dysfunction and lowering sperm count in men.

3. Emotion stress
Since emotion stress effects the hormones in our body. Negative stress increase the risk of over production of certain hormones including serotonin and adrenaline which interfering with normal function of the reproductive system and lower the sexual for men resulting in increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction and decreasing the chance of fertility.

4. Xanoestrogen
Xanoestrogen is also known as environment estrogen acts as estrogen. it can remain in the body for a long time and blocking and interfering with reproductive system natural functions leading to many disorders including erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, abnormal sperm production and movement in men.

5. Environment factors
Expose yourself in certain chemical environment may interfere the body hormone production leading to reproductive abnormal function resulting in increasing the risk of hormone imbalance and sexual disorder.

6. Drugs
Drugs are high toxic and addictive, they are not only harmful to the nervous system but also interfere the natural processes of the reproductive system including low levels of testosterone leading erectile dysfunction and lower the quality and sperm count, movement of sperm.

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